Landlord Services

Landlord Services

Landlord Services


You have a busy life; and might not always have the time to show an apartment at a moments notice... that wh you need us...

Here's What We Do:

  1. Advertise and list your property on the multiple listing service as well as over 100 websites and portal.
  2. Photogragh property.
  3. Show the property to pre-screened prospective tenants.
  4. Schedule and preparre town inspections for certificate of habitabilty
  5. prepare and explain credit and background checks ofprospective tenants
  6. arrange interviews with applicants if desired.

Tenants Services

Landlord Services

Landlord Services


Looking for a place to live? 

Maybe you want to try out a town before buying? 

you knwo where the trains are? 

What about your pets?

We also:

  1. Know the inventory online and have direct access to many local landlords.
  2. Have many pet-friendly landlords
  3. Work around your schedule; after work or on the weekends.
  4. Provide credit and back ground screenings & arrange interviews with landlord.
  5. can advise on local transportion options if needed.

NTN Applications

Landlord Services

NTN Applications



We screen all of our rental applicants for through the National Tenant Network.  NTN’s resident screening reports help identify whether an applicant is likely to be a good tenant or a problem tenant. They maintain the largest resident history database in the country.  This is not an ordinary credit check; the report includes:

An overall score between 0-100 based on the following:

Detailed credit reports give insight into a tenants’ ability to afford the rent.

Eviction and lease violation data through court records of any evictions or court filings.

Local, statewide & multi-state criminal background searches alert you to critical information.

Employment verification (3 weeks of consecutive paystubs) will also be required when applying for a lease.